Need Help?

Individuals/Couples + Relational/Blended Family Issues

  • Do you need help figuring things out for yourself?
  • Has your marriage or partnership become stale, lacking love and communication?
  • Are you interested in pre-marital counseling to help prepare for success and happiness in married life?
  • Do you need support for co-parenting and blended family issues
  • Are you coping with infidelity in your marriage?
  • Are you trying to save your marriage or consider separation?

Sexual Difficulties

  • Do you have concerns about sexual function, sexual feelings and/or intimacy?
  • Do you want to work with someone specially trained to help people resolve their sexual problems through talk therapy?
  • Do you want increased communication, intimacy and satisfaction in your sex life?
  • Do you want help for your sexual concerns with a compassionate, understanding and supportive professional?

Addiction or Substance Abuse Related Difficulties

  • Are you struggling to maintain your sobriety?
  • Do you need help managing cravings and urges to relapse or coping with high-risk situations for relapse?
  • Are you concerned that problems and conflicts in your family or intimate relationships might prompt a relapse?
  • Do you need help rebuilding your relationships?

Parenting Problems and Child and Teen Support

  • Is your child struggling in school: academically, socially or with peers?
  • Is your child dealing with a new or chronic medical condition and needs support?
  • Do you worry that your child is inattentive, angry or isolated?
  • Are your child’s emotions, behaviors or mental health impacting his/her siblings, your marriage or the climate of your household?
  • Is your child struggling with your separation, divorce or loss of your spouse or loved one?
  • Are you trying to establish a healthy stepfamily?

Second Adult Life Support

  • Do you feel as though you no longer know your partner as you are beginning life as empty nesters?
  • Have you recently retired and are looking for support to structure life again.
  • Do you find yourself raising your grandchildren and needing support as an unexpected parent for the second time?
  • Do you want to enhance your choices, your intimacy, your lifestyle or your support structure as you enter this new phase of life?

Depression / Anxiety

  • Do you feel like you are dragging through your days short-tempered or hopeless?
  • Have you lost your picture of happiness?
  • Do you go to bed worried and lie awake with too many thoughts?
  • Are there things you’d like to do, but you feel unable to do them?
  • Do you feel panicked – when your heart races and you are afraid you will “lose it”?